As An Annuitant or Payee of a Structured Settlement, You Can Capitalize on the Future Payments When Caught In A Budget Crunch with A Lump-Sum Payout  

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The foresight of harm by a defendant to a particular class of victims, including the plaintiff is a common thread running throughout the whole body of the law of torts. The tort of negligence focuses on the reckless behavior of the defendant by making a hindsight assessment of their conduct. Where the defendant indifferently endangers the safety of foreseeable persons, negligence will only suffice on the infliction of injury. The traditional common law maxim “sine iniuria nullum ius,” no right without wrong would come to the aid of the defendant. Thus, if the defendant strains the leash, but does not meet the due care required of a reasonable man, they cannot escape guilt as long as the plaintiff sustains harm.

Janet Hill sued the driver of a truck for psychiatric injury developing after she witnessed a heavy-duty truck plow into her premises. The defendant argued she was not within the scope of risk and did not suffer physical injury making the lawsuit defective. The court recognized nervous shock as a well-documented category of harm actionable in the law of torts. Hill received an initial lump sum and piles of cash under a compensation scheme known as a “structured settlement. A structured settlement creates a steady stream of income for a tort victim that’s tax-free and less demanding. A few years later, Hill’s nest egg turned out to be a lottery as the monthly payments could not foot expenses the whole nine yards. To keep body and soul together, she decided to learn the ropes and sell her structured settlement money for a manageable lump sum.

Sell Structured Settlement

Dissect the Inside Scoop of Your Annuity Agreement and Know What to Sell

Hill got started by leafing through her annuity contract to refresh her memory on the scope of the stream of income and whether or how much could be sold. The annuity vested a chain of predetermined monthly cash payments of $500 scaled up 3% annually ending after seven years. As she had cashed in the structured settlement scheme for one year, the aggregate amount of her remaining sum totaled $39,800. The discounted current value of those cash flows using the effective Federal rate of 1.60% is 36,000. Hill had a ballpark figure of the total payments before pitching her cash flows to structured settlement factoring funding companies.

Why Sell to A Reliable Structured Settlement Annuity Buyer?

Hill knows haste makes waste and did not want to endorse alluring free quotes on the spur of the moment. She reposed her trust in Peachtree Financial Solutions as they not only gave her the highest bid but also grilled her about current and upcoming financial needs, dependents, alternative sources of income and an exceptionally low discount rate unbeatable in the marketplace.

The Court Only Call the Shots If Your Deal Meets Statutory and Federal Requisites

Peachtree only buys structured settlement payments in a court-supervised process. Hill could afford a modicum of ebullience as she had time on her hands to rethink and reflect on the deal. Although the gross advance amount cashable was far less in contrast to the face value of her annuity, the judge scrutinizes the transfer for a fair and justifiable lump sum payment. Not every petition to trade off structured settlement payments passes muster in court; it must be in the annuitants or “payees” best interest. But Peachtree has a broad scope of resources to help you secure a court approval painlessly.

Why Does the Law Require the Judge in Your County of Residence to Assess in the Petition?

State structured settlement transfer regimes have undergone sweeping reforms meant to safeguard the interest of the annuitants. The court mandated by the statute ensures the judge thoroughly assess the annuitants’ circumstances, dependents, and chronology of previous transfers. It also bars “forum shopping” by structured settlement funding companies.

Structured Settlement Purchasing Companies- Pick of the Bunch 

Peachtree Financial Solutions has a vast network of attorneys to act as your representative in court. They will first send the statutory documents such as transfer agreement and disclosures, then file an application in court.

Woodbridge Structured Funding knows how to sail through your deal before the judge, observes the substantive and procedural laws, and uses a fair pricing structure to give you an unbeatable price offer.

Stone Street Capital has a vast knowledge of the secondary market for structured settlements; they have implemented risk-free procedures, seamless workflows for quick bucks and consistent customer support.